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The Brickwalk Project was formed to help strengthen our community through art.  The Brickwalk Gallery is the first of, hopefully, many ways we can help create an awareness of local fine art, artists and the power creativity can have on our community.  


At our core, God is the ultimate creator and we are blessed to be able to express the talents He has given us.  Our mission is to continue using our abilities in a positive way, give back and lift others up through art.


If you feel compelled to help us, please consider donating

by clicking  here:








By mail at PO Box 1844, Kearney, NE 68848

Or, in person at 2008 Avenue A, Kearney, NE 68847

Below are ways we plan to use these funds. 


To give directly to each project, select the project of your choice and we'll ensure your funding is issued accordingly.  We'll also keep you updated on the status of your funds, where and how they are being used.

1. Gallery Rent Fund:

Your contribution directly supports the operation of The Brickwalk Gallery, enabling us to maintain a space where local artists can showcase their work and the community can gather to appreciate and celebrate art.

2. "Kickin' Bricks" Concert:


Funds raised will initiate the "Kickin' Bricks" concert and street dance family event in September, bringing the community together through music, dance, and a shared celebration of our vibrant culture.

3. "Kearney's Art Alley" Project:


Your support fuels our vision for the transformation of the alley stretching from the Brickwalk Gallery to the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA) into a dynamic cultural hub. This project includes mural installations, lighting enhancements, and an annual downtown art fair, attracting tourism and fostering creativity in our community.

4. Creating a More Vibrant Art Scene:


Donations contribute to our broader goal of creating a more vibrant art scene in Kearney, ensuring that the arts become an integral part of our community's identity and daily life.

5. Regional Art Auction Event:


Your generosity lays the groundwork for a major art auction event. We aspire to collaborate with other local development projects, bringing visitors and high-end art to Kearney through a regional art auction. This event not only elevates our cultural standing but also stimulates economic growth.

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