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Brickwalk Funds
  • Brickwalk Funds


    Please donate in $10 incriments using the "qty" function to increase your funding amount!


    1. The Brickwalk Gallery:

    Your contribution directly supports the operation of The Brickwalk Gallery, enabling us to maintain a space where local artists can showcase their work and the community can gather to appreciate and celebrate art.

    2. "Kickin' Bricks" Concert:


    Funds raised will initiate the "Kickin' Bricks" concert and street dance family event in September, bringing the community together through music, dance, and a shared celebration of our vibrant culture.

    3. "Kearney's Art Alley" Project:


    Your support fuels our vision for the transformation of the alley stretching from the Brickwalk Gallery to the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA) into a dynamic cultural hub. This project includes mural installations, lighting enhancements, and an annual downtown art fair, attracting tourism and fostering creativity in our community.

    4. Venue Vibrancy:


    Donations contribute to our broader goal of colaborating with other local venues to create a more vibrant art scene in Kearney, ensuring that the arts become an integral part of our community's identity and daily life.

    5. Regional Art Auction Event:


    Your generosity lays the groundwork for a major art auction event. We aspire to collaborate with other local development projects, bringing visitors and high-end art to Kearney through a regional art auction. This event not only elevates our cultural standing but also stimulates economic growth.

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