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Minden, NE



Emily Christman was born and raised in Kearney, Nebraska. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Nebraska Kearney with a Bachelor of Arts, Art Education degree and a Visual Communication and Design minor in 2018. She has been creating art since childhood and specializes in drawing and painting; however, she is always trying new mediums and styles. Currently, Emily sponsors the art club, coaches dance, and teaches ceramics, graphic design, and entry level  through advanced art classes at Minden High School.

Emily Christman’s art explores a variety of subjects focusing primarily on portraits and the human form. In her portraiture she aims to capture the essence of the person as well as the unique qualities that make up each individual. The human face and figure serve as a space for her to play with color, texture, and value. When creating, Emily is fond of the challenge that Realism provides along with the freedom and creative aspects of making art.  Whether the work of art is a self portrait or an interpretation of another individual, each piece has its own unique story akin to the person featured in the work.  Emily’s mission as an artist and an educator is to teach her students the skills and values which enable them to lead productive lives, be lifelong artists and have the foundation to pursue further education and a career in art. Additionally, she hopes to inspire others to find the communicative and therapeutic qualities creating art has to offer.

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