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Tim Guzinski The Brickwalk Project Kearney NE_edited.jpg

Omaha, NE


From the Artist:


"I was born and grew up in Michigan.  I lived in several states before settling with my family in Omaha Nebraska.  Over the years, I have worked with various art mediums including graphite drawings and sculpting.  I had always shied away from painting due to being Protan Color Blind.  I was always apprehensive, wondering if the colors were right.  That changed when discovered an app for my phone that would allow me to check colors while painting to ensure they are what I intended.  This small bit of technology gave me the confidence to immerse myself into painting.  As a result, I now work primarily with acrylic paintings.  I have mixed paints so often that I only occasionally need to use the app to check colors.     


My work has been sold to private collectors in many states across the country.  I have done numerous commissioned pieces for individuals and businesses.  I have been blessed to have my work displayed in galleries and businesses throughout the Midwest and Great Plains regionally where my work has received award winning recognition including being the featured Artwork of multiple exhibitions.   

My approach to art is simple -"Art is for enjoyment, there is no need to overthink it.""

Please contact The Brickwalk for availability

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