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Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributing member of the Brickwalk Project!

As we strive to bring a new level of art vibrancy to Kearney Nebraska, we hope to find like-minded individuals from across the region who will work with us to share our vision, passion and creativity as we continue strengthening our community through art.  We welcome both artist and non-artist members from all skill levels, ages and walks of life to help us effectively promote our project, gallery, events and artworks.  As we continue to make a positive impact on our local art presence, together we will grow from each others abilities and gifts to unite as a community of creators focused on orchestrating our project to pave the way for the future of Kearney's visual arts.  Click here to learn more about some of the current projects you can be a part of.

Below you'll find the different membership levels for your consideration.


***Each membership fee may be waived by meeting the "volunteer offset" requirement.*** 

Non-Contributing Membership:

  • Cross-Promotion Paper Allocation - This non-contributing membership allows artists to use our venue storefront, tables and designated artists' promotional space to display business cards and event fliers. (Limited to 8 1/2" x 11" legal size page)  $25/annual (4 hour volunteer offset)

  • Social Media Allocation - In addition to using our space to promote your ventures, all members can submit finished marketing material for us to share on our social media platforms and include in our monthly newsletter to our followers.  $5/post (1 hour volunteer offset)​​

Contributor Memberships:

  • We have designed three unique contributing membership levels geared towards benefiting our members and helping us grow.  All three levels can either be monetary or volunteer-based obligations, each tier has perks to encourage our members to be more involved with the project and help promote our events, participating partners and the Brickwalk Gallery.  Electing to become a member is an automatic one year commitment.

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