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Heartwell, NE

Sally Jurgensmier

From the Artist:


"Raised on the family farm in Central Nebraska, my roots have never strayed very far. With close family and community ties, I have remained firmly planted in thoughts of creating art from elements which surround me. Returning to the family farm, I am now committed to sculpting and creating on a full-time basis.  


My sculptures are intended to bring a smile to your face. I take metal, which is thought to be cold, hard, and unattractive, and give it life, expression and personality. Each piece is unique and never mass produced. Each piece can be displayed indoors or out."

The Brickwalk's take:

Sally's sculptures compliment our "industrial-modern" gallery perfectly and at first glance you may easily recognize the object she's portraying or just see a pleasant steel abstraction.  However, as you move in closer you begin to recognize the individual elements that make up each piece and appreciate her ability to take common steel components and repurpose them into these unique works of art.  We encourage you to check out her website to learn more!  If you see something you like in reserve please contact The Brickwalk and we can arrange a showing.




Please contact The Brickwalk for availability 

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