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Dismal River Club

Mullen, NE

Established in 2006, Dismal River Club has attracted fervent golfers from across the country and around the globe to the hills of Western Nebraska. In 2017, Joel Jacobs, a native of Mullen, Neb., took the helm, expanding our offerings to include hunting, fishing, an array of outdoor excursions, lavish lodging amenities, and five-star dining, in addition to world-class golf.


Dismal River Club's growth in the last few years has a lot to do with their willingness to spotlight communities, businesses and institutes across Nebraska.  As a participating member of The Brickwalk Project, DRC is included as not only a featured venue, who caters events at The Brickwalk, but they are also showing artwork from our artists throughout their establishment.  

To learn more about DRC please visit


For any details or questions about the works on display at DRC please reach out to us at

If you are visiting the club and would like to purchase one of the pieces listed below, please add the work to your online cart and follow the checkout instructions.  Once payment is processed please show receipt message to guest services or the pro shop staff to have piece wrapped for transport.

Displayed Works

All Previous Works

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