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The Brickwalk Venues

Join Us in Creating a Vibrant Art Scene on the Bricks - Become a Brickwalk Venue!


At The Brickwalk Project, we are passionate about enriching our community through the arts, and we believe that local businesses play a crucial role in fostering a vibrant cultural scene. We are excited to extend an exclusive invitation to your esteemed establishment to become a "Brickwalk Venue."

**What is a Brickwalk Venue?**

A Brickwalk Venue is a local business in downtown Kearney that partners with The Brickwalk Project to host and showcase local artwork on its walls. This initiative aims to transform your space into a dynamic gallery, contributing to the cultural vibrancy of the downtown area and providing exposure for talented local artists.

**How Does It Work?**

1. **Select Artwork:** As a Brickwalk Venue, you will have the opportunity to choose artwork from a curated list available on The Brickwalk Project's website. This allows you to tailor the art displayed in your space to align with your business's aesthetic and values.

2. **Display and QR Code:** The Brickwalk Project will assist you in placing the selected artwork in your venue. Each piece will be accompanied by a QR code, providing art enthusiasts with a convenient way to learn more about the artist and make a purchase directly through their smartphones.

3. **Commission Structure:** Artists will receive a 50% commission on each sale, while the remaining 50% will be split between the venue and The Brickwalk Project, with each party retaining 25%. This ensures fair compensation for artists and supports the sustainability of the Brickwalk Project.

4. **Art Rotation:** You have the flexibility to change out the displayed artwork every three months, allowing for a fresh and dynamic art experience in your venue. This rotation provides artists with continued opportunities to showcase their work and keeps the atmosphere engaging for your customers.

**Benefits of Becoming a Brickwalk Venue:**

- Enhance the ambiance of your space with curated local artwork.

- Attract art enthusiasts and engage with the local community.

- Support local artists while benefiting from a revenue-sharing model.

- Receive promotion and visibility through The Brickwalk Project's marketing efforts.

We believe that by joining forces, we can create a more dynamic and culturally rich downtown Kearney. If you are interested in becoming a Brickwalk Venue or have any questions, please contact us at

Together, let's contribute to the growth of the local arts scene and make downtown Kearney an even more vibrant and inspiring place.

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