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Victoria Harper Kearney NE The Brickwalk Project.jpg

Kearney, NE


From the Artist:


"Creating things that are pleasing to look at is my ambition. It might be a painting, a
flower garden, a brochure, or a craft project, I love them all. I like to learn and try new
things too-usually dominated by my brief attention span! I am influenced by my
surroundings and tend to lean toward realism. Right or wrong, consistency of subject
matter, media, and execution is not an aspect of my creations. So, check back often as
my artwork is ever-changing.

I was raised in central Nebraska with a dream of becoming a commercial artist. I
graduated from Kearney State College with a BFA with emphasis in watercolor, a BA in
K-12 Art Education and numerous credit-hours of commercial art and advertising. In
1978, my painting titled “The Outsider” was selected Best in Show at the Kappa Phi all
student juried show at Kearney State College.

After college I worked for about 10 years as a commercial artist at a small advertising
agency. Then my career shifted to the financial services industry and for the next 30
years I put my design and artistic background to work in marketing and advertising
financial services.

Today, my position is a stay-at-home visual artist and creator of pleasurable artwork. My
intention is to create works that I enjoy viewing, and if they are pleasing to others too, I
am thrilled."

Please contact The Brickwalk for availability

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