Welcome to The Brickwalk! Our mission is to draw guests to downtown Kearney NE "The Bricks" and offer a unique experience they won't find anywhere else. 


By collaborating with other businesses on The Bricks, The Brickwalk Project takes a new approach at giving a platform to Nebraska artists while helping drive traffic to Kearney's downtown businesses that line our historic streets.  Please join us in this project and feel free to contact us with any questions.


 The Brickwalk Gallery  is the perfect place to start (and finish) your tour of downtown Kearney.  Feel free to pick up a hot or cold beverage from one of our featured neighborhood venues, then you are invited in to browse The Brickwalk Gallery, enjoy conversation and discuss the artwork on display in our showroom.  Here, you will receive information referencing the participating venues along The Bricks who offer space for select works, installments, exhibitions or related events. 


As you explore The Bricks, be sure to check in with all of the venues who are participating in The Brickwalk Project.  The friendly staff members in these locations will welcome you to check out their featured works and may offer Brickwalk specials to our guests.  Near the artwork in each participating business, you will find a Brickwalk card.  Collect these as you make your way around to earn a special gift when you return to The Brickwalk Gallery.


Check out our map page for a quick guide or to explore the businesses who are participating in The Brickwalk Project. Select the participating venue HERE to view and purchase their featured works through our website. 


Interested in participating in The Brickwalk Project? Inquire HERE