Kearney for the Arts


Welcome to our KFTA temporary landing page.  While we get our website up and going, we will be using The Brickwalk Project's website to help us establish our mission and grow our organization. 

Simply put, our Mission is to strengthen our community through art.  

The Brickwalk Project is the first of many ways KFTA plans on giving back to the community.  As the vision for KFTA is to find creative ways to use art to educate, empower and develop individuals and other organizations in the area, we hope to make Kearney an even better place to live and visit.  

As a Christian-based organization, one of our main focuses is to be a place for like-minded members of the community to come together and find new ways to share God's gifts through art. If your are interested in joining or would like to learn more about how you can help contact us at