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Joe McHale The Brickwalk Gallery Kearney NE_edited.jpg

Kearney, NE


Joe McHale is a visual artist based out of Kearney Nebraska. He graduated from the UNK College of Fine Arts and Humanities in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. He has also taken classes at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, studied at Creighton University and has found inspiration and education from his experiences in New York, Philadelphia, New Mexico and Paris.


McHale has shown his work in many shows including venues such as PAFA, UNK’s Fine Walker Art Gallery, the Cambridge Museum, The Noyes Gallery in Lincoln, NE; 1340Art International Art Magazine, the Prairie Arts Center in North Platte, NE; the Moon Cafe Gallery in Sacramento, CA; the Fred Simmon Gallery in Omaha, NE; the Center for Contemporary Arts in Abiliene, TX; The Waiting Room Gallery in Denver, CO and many other venues locally and across the country.


McHale’s work is presented in abstract compositions that are meant to intrigue the imagination and intellect into contemplation of the simple, the complex, the light, the dark and the divine. He uses vivid colors and energetic lines to create unique environments in which the imagination may play. Through his compositions, McHale penetrates some of the greatest relationship challenges most people experience in their lives: love, loss, longing, faith and prayer. In these paintings each line can be a hero in a story, a field of color can be the world and the world can be a tiny gem carried by another hero in another story. Each piece is created to be beautiful in a way that invites and calls those who view them toward something higher. The paintings are designed to work as maps or portals that, rather than glorify something worldly, they position those who see them to look deeply and with fascination at the world around them beyond its material form.

In Reserve - Please contact The Brickwalk for availability 

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