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The Brickwalk Buyers Club

We are thrilled to introduce "The Brickwalk Buyers Club," an exclusive membership program designed to recognize and reward our most esteemed patrons. Your contributions to The Brickwalk Gallery have not gone unnoticed, and we believe that being a member of the Buyers Club will enhance your gallery experience and we look forward to offering you exclusive benefits.

The Brickwalk Project is a visionary initiative aimed at fostering a vibrant arts community in Kearney. Your support through The Brickwalk Buyers Club will play a crucial role in realizing our goals, including funding the monthly gallery rent of $1600, initiating the "Kickin' Bricks" concert and street dance family event next September, and launching "Kearney's Art Alley" Project.

The "Kearney Art Alley" Project is an ambitious plan to transform the alley stretching from the Brickwalk Gallery to the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA) into a cultural hub. This project will host a variety of mural installations and an annual downtown art fair, drawing in tourism and enriching our local artistic landscape. Learn more about this ambition project here.

Funds raised through The Brickwalk Buyers Club will also contribute to our broader vision of creating a more vibrant art scene in Kearney. We aim to culminate these efforts in a major art auction event, collaborating with the Younes' development project to bring high-end art and collectors to our town through a regional art auction event.

By joining The Brickwalk Buyers Club, you are not just gaining exclusive benefits for yourself but actively participating in the growth of the arts in Kearney. Your support is instrumental in shaping our cultural landscape and making Kearney a destination for art enthusiasts regionally.

Thank you once again for your continued support, and we eagerly look forward to working together to strengthen our community through art!

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